What's the story behind this website?

I bought this domain back in, like 2004 or something like that. I wasn't really using it for anything, so I let it expire a year or two later. I figured that maybe somebody else could do something pretty cool with a domain like this one.

Then, to my horror, it was picked up by a domain squatter. They had a link where anyone could negotiate to buy it, and the minimum bid was something like $2,000.

I offered $20 (along with the explanation that it was definitely the best offer they were ever going to get), and they repeatedly ignored me. Occasionally, they'd reply with things like "serious inqueries only" or whatever.

For years, I wrote to them every couple months or so, always the same $20 offer. I didn't really expect it to go anywhere; I guess I felt oddly responsible, as if this domain name were a captured friend in need of rescue.

Then, on 29 January 2013, I discovered that the domain no longer existed. So I jumped on it, and now it's here. I never gave the squatter any of my money.

Have a cool idea?

Yo so, this website is pretty bare bones and not very awesome. I see myself largely as a custodian for the site right now. I give out email addresses and otherwise wait for the site to find a much cooler owner.

This could be you!

Seriously, I'd love to give this away to somebody. Go ahead and design a kickass website, and I will hand you the friggin' keys. A site like this should be incredible. Make it so.